Unit One focuses on understanding the change process and and how to deal with resistance to change. It is important that leaders understand why and how individuals (educators) change their practice. Knowledge of the change process will help facilitators better [[#|support]] educators as they work to improve their instructional practices that improve student achievement.

The expected learner outcomes for this unit are:
  1. Describe the three phases of the change process as defined by Michael Fullan.
  2. Discuss six strategies for [[#|managing change]].
  3. Understand how the Stages of Concern can provide differentiated support.
  4. Identify and explain strategies for addressing resistance to change.


Michael Fullan - Phases of Change Process

Chart - Phases of Change Process

[[#|Worksheet]] - Phases of Change Process

Why, How, What of Professional Learning - An article by Lois Easton Brown to refocus the order in which we implement change initiatives that will help with buy-in and reduce resistance.

How Great Leaders Inspire Action
Listen to Simon Sinek, creator of the Why, How, What business model in a TED Video.

Addressing the Why: What are the concerns?

Addressing the How: What to say or do